“Going Bananas” 5v5 complete. Ruaecina Wins! Scores a PENTAKILL!

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Check out the replay! Great game and great Oriana gameplay. Oriana scores a Pentakill around 22:30, you have to see it!

After the match I caught up with Davd Zhang “Deikan” of RUAECINA and asked him a couple of questions about the match and his team.

Tell us a bit about RUAECINA. What brought you guys together, do you play any other games competitively besides LoL? What other tournaments have you guys participated in and how did you place?

RUAECINA stands for Robot Unicorns Attacking Evil Children in North America
We don’t play any other games competitively together but i used to play DotA semi-professionally
Other tournies include WCG Canada placed in top 8 got wiped out by Chu’s team in quarters =/
A few other small ones that I can’t remember and we won those.

This is your first appearance at a LoLTournament. How did you guys find us and what did you think of the setup?

I found you guys in the competitive event sections in the LoL forums. I thought the setup could use work, especially the current interface which doesn’t give much info about other participating teams.

SNF won our last tournament, how did you guys feel about facing off against them? Did you watch any of their previous streams to learn and counter their play style?

We didn’t who they were until we visited the homepage after the match. No again we didn’t know who they were and site interface didn’t allow for much researching.

What was your strategy at champion selection? What kind of counter picks did you guys choose against SNF?

We just banned the OPs that we usually ban in solo queue. We didn’t really bother with the counter picks except for the GP pick for Singed because of his passive, but we did do picks that would synergize well with our team like having soraka+ orianna for a squishy team would help relieve the lack of beef our team has because of my shield and soraka heal which would be at least 1k HP + the armor/mr.

The final turning point of the championship game came when Orianna practically soloed the entire enemy team at dragon. Was that a penta kill? It happened so fast! Did you think going in you were going to ace the team?

That was a penta kill, and I told my team on vent that i was gonna get at least a quadra kill, it would’ve been faster if Taric had not stunned me, I would’ve been able to use my ulti and instant kill at least four of them at the dragon choke point.

You made Oriana look easy. Any tips for a noob? (like me?:P) Do you feel shes a bit over powered?

Orianna has one of the most utlity of all ap carries. Use that to your advantage and get CDR items such as Ionian and get blue buff always. Also because of her long range, make sure you poke before every fight, not only will you take out a good chunk of HP but you’ll make sure the enemy team gets lazy at dodging your ball and you can find an opportunity to land the perfect ulti if that happens. And yes, I feel she is overpowered but then again she does have a high skill cap.

Also I just wanted to include that when you say GG in a PvP game, if you’re using the term right that means you’re basically surrendering and you admit defeat. Trying to do a last resort attack while your opponent is off guard after you say GG is usually bad mannered.

Good stuff man! I’d also like to thank all the teams that participated in “Going Bananas.” We have more plans for LoLTournaments.com including an improved layout and a team profile page where you can create bios for you’re team and team members. We also will be hosting another tourny here soon! Stay tuned!

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