LoL Tournaments is the creation of several gamers passionate competitive gaming, and fans of the insanely addictive, League of Legends. With Riot’s commitment to game balance, and to constantly updating the game with new content, League of Legends deserves a solid tournament community.

As a tournament host, LoL Tournaments uses a professional, custom platform for tournament creating and hosting. We do tournaments right. Our platform has a clean tournament sign up, automates matches, and shows real-time advancement. Our commitment to you is to provide the easiest, most professional experience for web-hosted tournaments on the web. As we grow, so does our platform.

Not only do we host our own tournaments, we list any and all tournaments being held around the web. We want to help facilitate creating and promotion of League of Legends Tournaments from everyone, and make it easy to post. There is no fee to post, but you do need to have an account with us.