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We started with 32 teams. After a long week of intense tournament play, we have our final 2 teams ready for the FINALS!

eQ.Magma vs The Ginyu Force! 

Match time starts @ 10pm EST. We’ll be streaming it LIVE! We have SC2 Heart of Swarm beta codes and $10 worth of RP to give out to stream viewers! Lets get this party rolling   and get some viewers for tomorrows match! You can catch the stream live at


Love Fest bracket5


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We’ll be streaming games live tonight! We have prizes to hand out to stream viewers! This is it! Two of these teams will be in tomorrows FINALS!

Love Fest bracket4

Day 3 Brackets!

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Love Fest bracket33

Sorry for the delay. We are still having an issue surrounding a match that happened last night.


I’ll have brackets up early tomorrow afternoon

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I’ll have brackets up early tomorrow afternoon, sorry for the delay. Need to settle a couple of disputes.

Day 2 Brackets!

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Day 2 brackets RIGHT HERE!

Love Fest bracket2

We had a great match last night with Nth Dimension vs Kitty Kat Prowl! Sorry to see KKP leave the tourney so early. They were a great team. Hope to see you guys in our next tournament coming up! Great job to Nth Dimension! They will be a team to watch this week!

Team Captains…

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Now that matches are set all you need to do is contact your opposing team. That’s super easy! Just click on “My Activity” near the top of the page. From there you can send each other messages over our site, exchange summoner names ect.

Good luck everyone!


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Here are this weeks brackets!



If you have any issues contacting your opposing team drop us a line on facebook!

Good luck to all teams! Check back every night for live streams, we’ll have prizes to hand out to stream viewers throughout the week!

“Love Fest” is almost upon us!

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Tournament starts tomorrow, we will have brackets posted shortly after we hit our 32 teams confirmed.

Team captains, when brackets are posted you will be able to contact your opposing team and setup a time for your matches. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • -Once brackets are posted you will be able to communicate with your opposing team via under “My Activity”
  • -General start time is 10pm EST. Be considerate to your opposing teams availability. Matches must be played each night. If no time frame can be agreed upon use default start time of 10pm EST.
  • -Top seed (name on top) will do initial invites and have first ban and first pick for first game. The 2nd game bottom seed gets first ban/first pick. Third if needed goes back to top seed for first ban/pick.-
  • -We will send an e-mail out tomorrow asking if your team will be doing a live stream of your game, we will post it to our front page during the week!
  • -We will also be streaming matches live throughout the week. You can view them live right here at
  • -Like us on Facebook for updates and to chat about the tournament with other teams! We now have over 6000 “likes” on FB!  You can also reach us on FB for any questions or concerns throughout the week much faster then e-mailing us here!


Were looking forward to this week! We greatly appreciate every team that has supported us this past month and signed up for our 4th online tournament. Good luck to all teams!

Just over a week left!

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Don’t forget!  The love fest starts in just over a week!  Sign up today: Presents League Love Fest 5v5 Online Tourny!

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Valentines Day is over, but your love for League of Legends is not!

-Tournament dates go from Monday February 18th through Friday February 22nd.

-Default start time will be 10PM EST! We HIGHLY encourage teams to work together and be respectful of their opponents availability. However if no time can be agreed upon, default time will be used. All matches must be played on their scheduled days only!

-This is a single elimination tournament! Matches against your opponent are best of 3 games all played in one night. Winner moves on to the next day!

-Top seed invites their opponent for the first game, bottom seed invites for 2nd game. If it goes to a 3rd game top seed will invite. All matches are to use tournament draft mode with standard 3 bans per team.

-Your team is not confirmed on our site until you have all 5 players completely registered on our site. Brackets will go live when we hit 32 confirmed teams, or Sunday February 17th. Which ever comes first!

-We will provide contact information for your opponents. Please look for it Sunday night at the latest! We will keep everyone posted! -1st place will win at least $50 worth of Riot points for their winning team to split. Riot may also provide us with more prizes for our top placing teams! We’ll update when we know more about the Riot prize package!